Yes, I have seen ‘Moana’ 21 times. So what.

Zoom in. Here's a look into my life.

I've been sitting here lately making observations.

One of those observations is this: kids learn from repetition.

We have the Baby Einstein collection and I've seen them probably close to 40 times each (some probably more) and what's cool…I learn things from repetition, too! Specifically 'Baby's First Sounds', where different languages are spoken and nursery rhymes are sung in Spanish and French. And learning first words and body parts, and "good-bye" not only in English, but Spanish and French and Chinese! Every time he watches that episode, he smiles, he laughs, and the last time he waved! Repetition wins!

The songs get stuck in my head, some of the parts annoy me, but seeing Z learn is so cool!

Jump to the latest (amazing) Disney craze: 'Moana'.

I know the songs by heart. Z loves them so much. He laughs when things are actually funny, which makes it even better!

I thought Moana was amazing the first time. And I think it's even more amazing the 21st time. And he gets more interested in it each time.

He also enjoys Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

So now zoom out a little bit.

On top of entertainment (which is just used before nap time and bed time) we also like to do repetitive things outside.

That includes riding in the cozy coupe, playing at the water table, walking in the grass. Sometimes I think he will get bored, but to my surprise, he tries different things at the water table each time. He knows how to keep himself entertained. He taught himself how to drive his trucks and make truck noises! He's so smart!

We also are repetitive with his daily schedule. Teaching him structure and routines is important as he grows up. He goes to sleep at the same time (mostly) and eats and naps at the same time, too (again, mostly.)

(See…who taught him to reach inside the cereal box and help himself?! Curiosity, watching mom and dad… smart little whooper-snapper.)

The only things that are different in that repetition are the meals he eats. He only likes the same things for so long. Except veggie straws. All day, every day! Ha!

So now, zoom alllll the way out.

I've had some people say things about the fact that we let our child watch his shows. Then I think about how that, in moderation, it's helpful to him (and honestly, even me!) There are much worse things I could allow my child to do, so shush. Bigger picture, people!

I feel there is no way of keeping him from his shows and technology, because we live in these modern times where mostly everything is that way (even though I do feel like being disconnected is important, too!!)

So I thought about my life. I have repetition. I have routines. I have things I do daily that help me learn and grow.

Wake up. Pray. Sometimes worship with Spotify. Cuddle with my baby. Go on stroller walks. Watch a show or two during nap time. Read. Blog. Clean the kitchen. Text my momma. Watch shows with daddy when he gets home from work. Pray until I fall asleep.

Sometimes our routines get messy when we take spontaneous camping trips or go up north, but new experiences are vital to his growth, too!

When Z grows up, I'm sure his routines will change. He will learn to pray and clean and read and play catch. For now, he's got his show that brings him joy and I'm cool with that.

And I'm even okay with watching the same things over and over (obviously, since I've seen the entire series of Friends 15 times!!!) Because I know how to say puppet, bee, belly and lamb all in different languages. And Z will, too! Do you?

Happy repetition!

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