Why I put myself in Time-Out

I know what you’re thinking.

“Go sit in the corner and don’t come out until you’ve thought about what you’ve done.”

It’s not that kind of time-out.

I actually can’t recall ever being put in time out as a child. Maybe I was and I didn’t sit there long enough to think about what I did, or maybe I wasn’t because I was a good kid? Ha ha. I’ll have to ask my mom.


I decided a few weeks ago that time-outs shouldn’t just be for kids.


Us moms (and dads) need some moments, too.

Sometimes, we get date nights, so momma and daddy can have a time-out together!!

Sometimes my time-out includes sitting at the kitchen table while Z eats in his high chair. I let him eat until his heart is content while I sit in peace for a few minutes or rest my head on the table. Sometimes I zone out for a moment. (And sometimes I take pictures of his adorableness!)

Other times my time-outs look like I’m sunbathing outside. Oh wait, that’s because I am. I’m using nap-time to recharge myself with some vitamin D. Tried and true, it works every time. 100% battery life for the rest of the day.

Some days though, there isn’t time for momma-time-outs…and sometimes they aren’t even needed (I really love those days!)

I keep wondering how I’ll explain my time-outs to Z as he starts to understand what they mean to him. I wonder if I will literally have to sit in the corner “thinking about what I did wrong” so I set the example of a good time-out. 😂

I’ve found that any time I can take, for myself–whether that’s zoning out, praying, reading, watching the office, writing/blogging, taking photos, indulging in cookies or cake or even napping–is a step in the right direction for self-care. Even if it’s just five minutes!!!

We have a demanding job, and we have to remember to take care of ourselves so we can have enough stamina and energy and patience to take care of the little ones running around.

I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, but coffee and wine seem to be good momma-time-out drinks. If that’s your thing…have a nice time-out drink when the baby is sleeping and remember, you deserve a little quiet moment, too.

And remember to breath. You got this.

And remember that you are enough. ❤️

And remember…if you’re overwhelmed, God is just a conversation away.

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