where this adventure began

It was a typical Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving 2015. Wake up extra early, donate plasma, go to work…. but, I decided it was time to take another pregnancy test (since the one I took on Monday COULD have been lying to me….)

So, I filled the little cup, took out the dropper and proceeded to do my [usual] “let’s see how many tears i can cry before work THIS month…” thing.

Low and behold…


I was SO shocked that I spilled the cup of pee all over the floor. I was shaking.

I started asking God if this was really real. How could this be real? It’s always been negative, that was the norm. In another week, I was planning to make an appointment with an infertility specialist since we were one week from our “we will try for one year” thing. So how could this be real? I had been having dreams that I was pregnant, but I figured it was because it was one of my deepest desires- always on my mind. But now I think, perhaps it was God’s way of preparing me for what was to come.

(Infertility for just shy of 1 year was truly a test for me, but led to a lot of trusting, faith and patience…but that’ll be another post very soon.)

I took another test after I chugged some water. IT WAS POSITIVE, TOO!

I waited until the next day to tell my husband, mainly because I wanted to surprise him in a big way. Sleep didn’t come easy because of my excitement, so I spent most of the night decorating a shoe box filled with all the reasons I was thankful for him, with the last statement being “I’m so grateful our child will have you as their daddy.” Under that lay 3 positive pregnancy tests being lit up by Christmas lights.

When I shared the box with him on Thanksgiving day, he looked at me with the biggest smile and said, “are you serious?” I’ll never forget that moment.

Those two lines were the start of this beautiful journey, and I’m so glad I get the opportunity to share it with you.

Biggest THANKS to our great and loving God who entrusted us with the smallest miracle. We love our little boy so much and pray daily we will be the mom and dad he needs, loves, respects, looks up to, and sees Christ in.

Join me in my motherhood journey.



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