When my plan differs from God’s plan.

I knew we wouldn’t live here forever, but I was hoping for at least five years.

I was also hoping for our kids to be two years apart in age, but we all know that didn’t happen.

And I was even hoping we’d be living in a warm, sunny place (aka: Florida) but I believe that didn’t work out because we are meant to be here, in the mitten.Anywho.

Over the course of our marriage, I’ve learned a lot of things, and the most important thing being that I need to let my plans go and trust in God alone. God’s timing and God’s plan is greater than even my best plan, and that means surrendering my desires and letting His play out. That also means learning to be content (and joyful!) wherever He brings us in life.

What a hard thing to grasp sometimes. A hard thing to learn especially in this era where we want everything our way and we want it now.

I think it’s called humbling yourself. And that takes a lot of…prayer, patience and practice.


Here’s our story.

Our 809 square foot home has been our home since the day we got married. A little over 3 years ago now. This is the place we have loved in, fought in, grown in, prayed in, cried in, laughed in, and made millions of memories in.

This is the place I repainted from top to bottom. This is the place that taught me how to be a minimalist, and taught me that we don’t actually need a lot of things in this life. In fact, too much clutter is SUPER stressful!

This is the place our dogs became lazy, couch sitting, gotta-bark-at-everything-that-walks-by dogs.

This is the place we brought our sweet boy home to; where he learned to eat, walk, crawl and make messes…the place where our family started.

This is also the place where our little girl was made. And the place she will never know, because….

Que the tears.

Our plans have collided with God’s plan, and we are moving.

To where? Well, Big Rapids…an hour and fifteen minutes north of our current address. Pure country. Pure middle-of-nowhere. Pure Michigan at its finest. Pure fresh start.

If any of you know of Big Rapids, you’re probably saying, “why would you move there?” Well, I truly believe we are meant to be there, to share Jesus, to further His kingdom in a college town that is in desperate need of Him. I wouldn’t choose this city, it’s not on my “top 5 places I want to live” list…but it is where we are feeling led to go, so we are going.

Side note: it doesn’t matter where we are necessarily, because the ultimate reason we are on this earth is to share Jesus…so Big Rapids, or Grand Rapids, or even Ft. Myers…we need to be utilizing our resources and prayers to reach those that need a Savior. I’m on board for anything, anywhere…God lead me, use me…

We are truly having to put our hands in the air and say, “lead us God, because we have no clue what we are doing.”

We hope to start building our forever home on my parents beautiful property as soon as the frozen ground allows us to. A home we can raise all of our kids in, with multiple bathrooms (haha) and abundant land for them to roam and seek God in nature, with unlimited sandboxes and unlimited tractor rides!

And perfect timing, right? When we are having a baby girl in 98 days! Ha ha, I kid, but in all seriousness…this is going to be one interesting adventure to say the least. Bunking in my parents home with two adults, two babes and two dogs in one room while we build said home–good thing that’s only temporary!

If you feel inclined to pray for us, please pray for God’s guidance, and His plan to light our way.

Please pray that Jon is able to find a good job (REALLY SOON!), that can support us financially and allow him time to watch his family grow up, as well.

Please pray for the building process, as I’m sure it will be stressful and hard at (many) times.

Please pray for patience–that we may learn it and live by it.

Please pray for the transition of bringing a new baby “home”…wherever that may be.

And pray for our hearts, that we won’t be too broken when we say goodbye to our little house and “see you soon” to all the people we love in and around Grand Rapids, and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

All that is certain, is that God’s in control of all of this. He will provide, just like he always has, and we hold tightly to that. In fact, he already provided in a big way…by bringing the sale of this house quickly (2 days after posting–we didn’t even have time to put up a For Sale sign!) and without the cost of realtors on either end. How about that for Him providing, and giving us peace!

Also…if you’re around, and are able to help us lift boxes and bring them to my grandparents for storage…we’d love you forever. Not much a pregnant person can do except pack the boxes!😉

Thank you also for reading, and continuing to follow along on our journey of life, learning and parenthood this past year! I hope you’ll continue to read about our crazy adventures that are about to ensue.

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