When babies meet puppies…

Childlike wonderment amazes me.

Seeing my son see things for the first time, seeing his eyes get big and a smile come across his face…seeing his reaction to sweet, soft, tiny puppies and closing his eyes and smiling when the puppy rubs its face against his cheeks. I wish I could live in that moment forever.

When do we stop being full of wonder? Why do we lose that? Why can’t our eyes always sparkle with complete happiness and joy? Those are rhetorical (because I know we grow up)…but still. I’d love to still be full of wonder like my 4 month old is.

This is little Buck, my son’s new BFF and my parents 4 week old puppy. I’m the most excited about seeing them grow up together, and seeing that sparkle in Z’s eyes when he sees his little buddy.

In the last five months of being a mom, I feel as though I gained a handful of that wonderment back. Every day is another day to love this little boy even more than yesterday. Every day is another day to praise my God for this beautiful journey, and this beautiful family He graciously blessed me with, and this adorable puppy He put in Z’s life. 💙

I don’t remember the last time I smiled so much my cheeks hurt, or had tears of joy fill my eyes-until this little boy came around. He gives his daddy and I so many laughs and we just want to eat him up. He’s seriously the best.

I’m in awe of his laughter, his coos, his squeals, his love for dogs and his daddy, and how he smiles every time he sees the camera. What a hambone.

A baby changes everything, and with all the sleep deprivation, silly words that come out of my mouth, bodily fluids that cover my clothes, lack of time for showers and the constant learning process of mom-ing…I’ve figured out that’s it’s ALL worth it. All the good, bad, nasty, cute, funny, sad…being a mom is the greatest. I’m heart-emoji-eyes over my life, daily. That’s wonderment. Right? 😍

I’m so grateful to my God for teaching me patience, for teaching me that it’s the simple things in life that matter and it’s the bigger picture that’s most important, and for teaching me how to be a wife, and a mom…and all the things that being a mom entails (milk provider, chef, baker, house cleaner, laundry queen, fun-bath giver, lullaby singer, baby food maker…and the other 2,848,393 things I’ll become in the next 18+ years.)

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