Two pink lines and a whole new adventure

If you haven't seen yet, we'll be on another adventure this coming year.

We are growing our tribe!


I'm not sure if you are as shocked as we were when I peed on that stick, but here's that story.

We were up at my parents house (in the middle of nowhere) for the long Fourth of July weekend. I thought I had the flu. I could not eat anything. Took many naps when the baby napped. Puked. Wanted to cry all day. You know. All the normal signs of FLU.

My mom sent my husband and dad on a grocery store run on Independence Day…and they came back with a pregnancy test. I was shaking. I did not want to pee on that because, well, how could it even be possible? I only had one menstrual cycle since Zeke was born a year ago!

Low and behold.

I went into the outhouse (told you–boonies) and prayed that whatever the outcome would be, I would be okay because God is in control.

The pee happened.

The two lines appeared almost instantly.

My jaw dropped and I covered my mouth.

I grabbed the stick and ran as fast as I could to the house.

I told my dad to get in the house.

Threw the stick on the table.

Fell on the floor.

Cried. Cried. Cried.

Happy tears you ask? I'm not sure. I just had to cry. All I could feel was shock. I actually couldn't feel anything. That's shock, right?!

"I just did this. I just got my body back. I just started sleeping through the night again. I just…………."

Then the still small voice of God reminded me that it's not my plan, but His. It's not about me, but Him. He has huge plans for this little one.

Jon was rubbing my back. That's all I remember.

Anyways, the rest of the day was a blur. I believe we had to try reaaaaaallly hard not to think about this surprise. But you know, it's all we talked about.

Fast forward to today.

We are on this new adventure.

7 weeks and 5 days in.

All-day-sickness is in full effect. And man–that is seriously NO fun.

The only things I can eat are homemade soup, goulash, chicken nuggets, fries, and blueberries.

Ginger ale is…well, yum.

The only thing I can do to feel better is run.

And that bump! They weren't joking when they said it pops out sooner than the first bump.

That right there is a bump at 7 weeks and 3 days! (Oh, and that maternity/nursing dress is top notch from Shop Pink Blush!!)

Prayers are appreciated.

I know we announced this early. But we decided that if anything were to go wrong, we would want the full love and support of our people. We appreciate any and all prayers for this baby and pregnancy. And we greatly appreciate all of you following along on our adventure so far.

Please stay tuned as we embark on this '2 under 2' journey!

Love to you all.

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