To the lucky lady who marries my son.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

To the lucky lady who marries my son,

Today is your wedding day, the day you marry the man I raised.

This is so hard for me to write and I’m not sure why.

Possibly because I’m currently swiping the hair off his forehead as he lays here sleeping.

He’s currently my 21 month old little boy.

This 21-month old boy of mine has a deep love for the outdoors, I hope you do, too. I hope you adventure together often.

This 21-month old boy of mine jabbers on and on, no real sentences yet, just a lot of jabbering. I hope, when you’re together, the conversation is filled with kindness, gentleness, and full, clear sentences. May you both lift each other up with words and prayers.

This 21-month old boy of mine is affectionate in his own timing. I had to wait 19 months for him to kiss me and he’s slowly learning to hug…but I hope he’s affectionate and passionate with you, and I hope his kisses are much less slobbery!

This 21-month old boy of mine is a crazy sleeper, it’s actually so cute, but I hope for your sake, he learns to sleep in the bed straight and under the covers. Oh, and encourage him daily to make the bed!

This 21-month old boy of mine comes crying to me when he’s upset, or running to me when he’s hurt or scared. I know that’ll end as he grows up, but I will always love feeling needed and wanted by him. Now he has you, and no longer needs me; hold him, hug him, love him forever, because forever isn’t long enough—trust me, I know.

This 21-month old boy of mine holds my hand on walks. He begs to hold it and gets upset when I let go. I know that’ll end, probably soon, but I’ll cherish that forever—I know he will hold your hand for the rest of his life.

I am trying my best to raise a man that loves and fears the Lord, a man that is generous and kind and selfless, a man that leads and prays and says “I’m sorry,” a man that can be silly and serious at the appropriate times, a man that doesn’t give up when things are tough, a man that will make a great husband and daddy, and a man that will bend over backwards to serve God.

I hope he is all those things and more today as you become one.

Since before he was born, I have prayed for you.

I have prayed (and will continue to pray) that God would be with you, that He would protect you and guide you, and keep you and Z pure for each other. I pray that you will fiercely love the Lord and bring that love into your marriage. I pray that you’ll faithfully love my son. I pray that the two of you together will serve the Lord and the church.

As for you, my dear. My daughter-in-law after today…I have loved you since I have first prayed for you. In the beginning, I may have been sad when he first brought you home, or I may have been quiet when we met, but that’s only because I wanted to make sure it was really you. I wanted to make sure you were the woman that would love the man I raised just like I love him.

I promise to have boundaries after today; I know he will be your husband now, and you come before his mama. Give me grace if at first that is hard to grasp.

I promise to respect your time together, and your privacy. I know he won’t “tell me secrets” anymore, because now he has your ears to whisper into.

I promise to love the babies you bring into this world. I also promise to help you, encourage you, and give you “you time” when you need it. Oh, and of course I won’t give them too much sugar when they stay at our house.

I promise to love you like I birthed you, but I never want to try to replace the woman who did.

I promise to be the best mama-in-law I can, lifting you and that boy of ours up in prayer daily, helping out financially if we can, and encouraging you both whenever necessary.

Remember to always stick together, and rely on God, the third strand in your marriage. He will get you through all things. Remember to listen to one another, cherish one another, respect one another, and love each other fiercely. And of course, remember to put God first before each other, every single day.

I’m assuming the world will be very different on your wedding day than it is today as I write this, but hold fast to faith, hope and love, because those three things remain.

I love you, my dear daughter-in-law.

Happy day of marriage, and welcome to the family.



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