This body.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

this body.

it did what God designed it to do. it’s perfect in all its imperfections. it’s beautiful even when it makes me feel the opposite. it’s about time i embrace it all.

this body.

it became a nurturing home to two babes and brought those beautiful babes into this world. it nursed (and pumped endlessly) and provided ample nutrition for their little bodies. it’s gone through two postpartum periods which i’m forever grateful for. it’s become a playground for trucks and tractors and make-believe. and it’s become a place that has taught a certain toddler what a “belbutt” is.

this body is exactly what it needs to be.

these stretch marks adorning the front of this tummy are constant reminders of God’s faithfulness, of His love and protection, and of His immaculate creation. they are my tiger stripes and i’m proud to have them (which is good because they ain’t neva going away!)

these love handles are perfect seats for these kiddos i lug around. they aren’t my favorite thing to see in the mirror, but Z appreciates them—and enjoys pinching and poking at them and laughing.

the scars remind me of the operating rooms i’ve been in, and the first cries i heard. they remind me of growth and healing and the miracle of birth, no matter how it happens. they remind me to thank Jesus for enduring worse pain than i’ll ever have to, for taking on countless scars for me…for loving me THAT much.

this body has seen better days physically, but those days were empty compared to the love, laughter and beauty that comes with stretch marks, flab and scars. i will probably not get back down to the sizes i were before kids, and i will probably not fit in the “standard of beauty” that covers all the magazines, and i’m perfectly okay with that. the babes smiles and sparkling eyes and giddy giggles help me forget what i look like and focus on the beauty of motherhood.

i touched base earlier on embracing your mom bod, specifically in a swimsuit, but here i am now saying EMBRACE YOUR MOM BOD ALWAYS.

it’s beautiful. all of it.

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