The Ultimate Best Friend Care Package

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

If you didn't know by now, my best friend lives in England, 3,800 miles away, and filling in the distance is really important to us. Back in January, we wanted to send each other care packages to have things that would remind us of each other.

I scoured the internet for ideas on what to send your best friend in the UK from the USA and came up with nothing. Because cheese in a can is nasty and Brits don’t like our chocolate, among other things. AND I have concluded that a lot of things taste better from the UK, so I wanted to stay away from perishable things. I wanted meaningful things she could keep!

I came up with the idea for the Ultimate Best friend Care Package for those who are in long distance friendships like Kristi and I, and any BFFs for that matter!

During Kristi’s family holiday to the USA this month, I got to give her this care package and it was a hit. Personalized things that mean so much to the both of us really make a difference, simple and meaningful reminders of each other every day.

Leather Bracelets from The Blue Coop Door

These bracelets are true treasures. Very well made, beautiful color options, and the option to engrave the outside AND the inside. I chose to engrave the coordinates of the London Eye, one of our favorite places spent together. These bracelets are constant reminders of our time together on top of the world 🎡. We may have to add a few more to our collection! And the longer we wear them, the more weathered they look which I LOVE!

The Blue Coop Door is a family owned shop in Florida that creates all your perfect personalized, handmade and unique leather needs.

Use code 20percent to save 20% off your purchase!

40oz Stainless Steel Bottles from Tempercraft

Kristi and I are constantly reminding each other to drink water, so when I found these bottles, I knew they needed to be in this care package. I asked Kristi to create a design for me to use for a surprise, and I think it turned out PERFECT. The pinky promise is our thing, and “Tu me manques” means “you are missing from me” in French.

Tempercraft is headquartered in Oregon where they do all their product designs, laser engraving and shipping. These bottles are double-walled, vacuum insulated, 18/8 stainless steel, powder coated and laser engraved. And we love that our ice water actually stays cold for 24 hours!! These are true best friend bottles!

Coordinate Midi Ring from LYNNMinimalist

We constantly see our fingers during the day and that’s why it’s so important to me to have rings that remind me of my best friend. When I found these beautiful dainty custom rings, I fell in love with them! They’re the perfect addition to our Qalo rubber friendship rings. I used the coordinates of the London Eye again, and on the inside “XIII” because 13 is our number. We might just have to get another one to stack with coordinates of Traverse City, MI since that's now another favorite place together.

LYNNMinimalist is located in Sydney, Australia and her jewelry shop is easily one of my favorites, as all of her pieces are simple and personalized and filled with so much meaning, and not to mention beautiful!

Use code LYNN10 for 10% off your first order!

Soul Sister mugs from aCreativePandaHome

Since my British BFF and I bonded over our love for tea, these Best Friend Mugs were a must for this care package! These 15oz mugs are perfect, customizable and a daily reminder of each other as we drink our tea together from across the world. I customized Kristi and I to look just like us, how cool is that!

ACreativePandaHome has so many fun mugs available for all walks of life, and they were shipped to me fast and the customer service was prompt!

Michigan Shirts from The Mitten State

These shirts are easily some of my favorites and that’s why they HAD to be a part of this special project, because Kristi LOVES t-shirt’s and these are great reminders of Michigan. The buttery soft shirts and the simple and fun designs are perfect.

The Mitten State has countless shirt designs and hats and cups and stickers and everything you could want for that Michigan lover in your life.

Customized ring dish from The Painted Press

These dishes are truly beautiful. All hand made and customizable/personalized to your liking. I was quickly drawn to the gold and the unique craftsmanship that makes each one one-of-a-kind.

I was meant to give this to Kristi on our friendiversary while she was here, but shipping issues prevented that. The Painted Press took care of it and shipped it straight to Kristi's door and she has it now and loves it! The perfect addition to the gift package!

The Painted Press is a California business who has been creating these beautiful dishes since 2014!

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