The truth behind every photo

I posted this photo on Instagram last night. It's so precious, right?

Well let me tell you a little story about this photo, and probably 97% of all the other photos I post.

(Vulnerable photos here–welcome to the house I'd never let you walk into!)

There is usually a mess 6 inches from the edge of the photo. In every room. Everywhere.

There are 4 stained t-shirts in the laundry from all his adventures during the day.

The 18 other photos I took to get this photo included crying, trying to scoot off, eating my running watch, or a really grumpy "i-don't-want-to-smile-for-you-momma" face.

About 10 minutes after this photo was taken, there was a diaper blow out on the carpet. Ya know…nasty, diarrhea, scrub-your-arm-off-explosion. Even the hot wheels took a beating.


Even with all that, this boy still steals my heart every day with his smile, his laugh, the way he walks around the house strutting his stuff, the scrunchie face he recently started to make, and the way his eyes light up when he sees his daddy.

And with this new pregnancy, things have really been rough. Lots of nausea and all-day sickness.

(To all you moms raising toddlers and a babe on the way–it's rough, but worth it. Hang in there. 💕)

I've rarely cleaned the house, made an actual meal or even taken Z outside. (Except for yesterday, I did all those things!!)


I wouldn't trade this momma-journey for anything. I love waking up (even when I'm exhausted) to see a smiling boy waiting for me in his crib. I love watching his face when he watches a video that daddy sent him while he's at work. I love seeing him play in the splash pad by our house. I love him when he's grumpy, excited, sad, happy, talking, quiet, cuddly, learning, walking, picking his nose, trying to crawl, watching his show in his chair…you know, all the time. ❤️

My whole point in writing this: motherhood is not perfect. We may take photos that portray that, but by no means is it. There is crying (both mom and baby), messes…perfect imperfections that make each day beautiful.

So embrace your motherhood journey. It's yours. It's wonderful. It's…worth it all.

And leave the mess. It can wait.

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