The Momma Lens

I’ve been a momma for a little over 9 months (or 18 months if you count since he was on the inside) and a lot of things have been put in a different light since then. (Especially around the holidays.)

It’s all about perspective.

Motherhood has made me:

…Not take sleep (well, a full night’s rest) for granted.

…Aware that cold food tastes just as good as warm food, or is easily re-heatable.

…Figure out that 64gb on a camera phone isn’t really alllll that much storage when seriously EVERYTHING the baby does is “soooooo cute”.

…A lot less concerned about how I look before leaving the house for the day (and thank goodness for dry-shampoo because who has time for showers?) and a lot more concerned about bringing enough diapers and wipes and food for baby.

…Realize that infertility is a true test of faith. The one year we tried felt so long, and painful and hopeless, but it’s nothing compared to friends who tried for years and years, or Abraham and Sarah, who waited 25+ years before God gave them Isaac. (Genesis 21)

…Incredibly amazed at how much I love my son. From the first moment I found out the long-awaited “baby K” was a boy, to the first moment I held him 4 hours later….I just couldn’t help but think about how Mary must have felt when she held Jesus for the first time. And then I’m reminded how much God loves each of us-His children-SOO unconditionally much.

(And keeping the Mary subject going) …Even more emotional around Easter, because…Jesus not only took on the burden of all of our sins, but he was beaten and nailed to a cross…and His momma watched as He died-His blood poured out for her and us. My mind goes crazy when I think about how she must have felt. Watching her precious baby boy save the world. I know I would do anything to protect my babe; she must have felt hopeless and angry and unbelievably heartbroken. I cry just typing this. I’m sure she had no idea this would happen 30-some years later when she was bouncing her 9 month old on her knee. But…praise God for His resurrection 3 days later! He is risen! He is risen indeed!! 🙌🏼 Being a mom certainly has helped me identify with the people in the Bible that I’ve read about for years, but never really put myself in their shoes…

(And finally) …So grateful for my my hard-working husband, loving family and great friends who stand by me through my momma-journey and encourage me daily to put Christ first above all else. And who love our little Z so much and pray for him fiercely. Motherhood has made me appreciate y’all even more than you know. Thank you for keeping me upright and sane. ❤️

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