Swaddled with Ollie.

I’ve gotta tell you…neither of my children like to be swaddled.

Must be something about their hands feeling constrained–I’m not exactly sure. Zeke would always cry and wiggle his arms out, so I gave up when he was just itty bitty. But with baby Charlie, I found a swaddle she actually likes AND sleeps in!

Enter The Ollie World swaddle!

I am also not a fan of swaddling, probably because I’m no good at it–I had to always ask the nurse to swaddle my child. So this swaddle is a game changer for sure.

It’s known as the Smart Swaddle, and is made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating. It allows for fitting to be individualized to meet the needs and size of each little one. And that means you just need this one swaddle, because it grows with your babe!

It even makes diaper changes in the middle of the night easier, with access through the opening at the bottom. Mom-approved!!

It’s a very easy swaddle to use, which I think is half the battle for parents. Its three easy steps provide a fast nap and sleep solution. No more folding and tucking and swaddle-failing!

My sweet little girl fell right asleep in her Ollie, and took a nice long nap all snuggled in her DockATot. These two products work great together to create the perfect sleep!

I love how soft the material is, and how it’s not bulky, so it doesn’t bunch up when you pick up the baby. It’s sleek, and what I can imagine to be very comfortable and snug.

I also love the cute packaging it comes in! It’s so whimsical and cute, reminds me of a storybook. I think it would make a great baby shower gift, because what mom wouldn’t appreciate a swaddle that actually works?

There are some great colors to choose from on their website, and you can even save 10% off your Ollie right HERE!

I believe this is a solid product that all moms will love, and apparently babes that don’t care for being swaddled love it, too! I’m grateful for the comfort and sleep it provides.

In keeping with my theme of mom-must-have products, I’m proud to add the Ollie World to the list!

*I received the Ollie World swaddle in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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