Running for two

I’ve always been a runner.

From an early age, I had shelves and cork boards in my bedroom adorned with trophies and medals showing the world that I ran my little heart out.

I ran for school, I ran races on the weekends, I ran triathlons and ran alongside my mom in her marathon.

And despite constant injuries to different parts of my body every cross country and track season, here I am today, still running.

This time, running for two.

I ran when I was pregnant with Z until I was 34 weeks and felt too miserable to run beyond that. This time around, the only time I don’t feel miserable is when I’m pounding pavement.

It’s gotten bitter cold quickly in Michigan, but that’s not stopping me from staying active and healthy for this little girl! And the dogs love a little run, too!

This active wear I recently found is not maternity-active wear, but I’m going to act like it is because I love it so much!

Zyia Active has so many great, comfortable, stylish and well-made designs, perfect for everyone that is active. From walking to running to daily gym workouts, these pieces will surely be your favorites. One more rep is their motto, which is awesome.

The pants. Haze Cozy Jogger.

You can call it love at first sight. I loved these babies from just seeing them on my computer screen. Fast forward to the first time we met…I never wanted to take them off. I wear them all the time, not just when I’m being active. They are so stretchy, soft and breathable. Oh and did I mention beautiful? I’ve gotten compliments on these pants every time I wear them (even if it’s just to the store!)

I got them in a Medium and they fit true to size.

The jacket. Black Bomber Jacket.

I’ve always wanted a bomber jacket. This one is awesome. Usually I get too hot while running no matter the temperature outside, so I wondered how this jacket would do while running—my report is: it. was. awesome. It’s light weight and thin, yet it blocks the bitter wind from burning your skin. It kept me the perfect temperature. It has thumb holes which I LOVE and it’s got a subtle cheetah pattern which is super cute. Bomber jacket for the win.

I got this in a Medium and it fits true to size with just enough room for optimal movement.

The tank. Fog Copper Charged Tank.

This tank is thin, very soft and breathable and perfect for a run. I love the color and style.

I got this in a large to accommodate my growing bump, which ended up being too big around the arms and breast (but nothing a little string tied around the back couldn’t fix!) A Medium would have been better, as it fits a little looser and isn’t too tight like most active shirts I get in a Medium. Non-pregnancy Monica might have even order a Small so it wasn’t baggy. (I love pairing it with my victoria’s secret sports bra that perfectly peaks out!)

The headband. Black Training Headband.

I always figured I had a weird shaped head, because no matter how much I spent on headbands, they wouldn’t stay on my head while running. THIS headband stays put, and keeps all the little baby hairs (thanks prenatal vitamins!) back off my face for the whole race! Score.

The panties. Black Seamless Panties (3pk).

No photos of these, but you get the point. They are perfect for running and don’t bunch up which is always a plus.

I got these in size Medium, but being pregnant, I should have gotten a Large. They are thin and stretchy and more on the tighter side, so if you like your workout panties to be looser, size up.

Overall, this company’s quality beats other company’s in my opinion. The price point is about the same as the well-known, popular athletic brands you know, but I’d definitely choose the pants, bomber jacket and headband from Zyia over any other brands that offer the same. Can’t pass up quality.

To all my runners out there, you won’t be disappointed. See you on the trails! 🏃🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️

*I was given these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.*

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