Potty training: seven months in

I wanted to do a follow up post regarding potty training, that we started with our six month old.

Seven months in, and this 13 month old is completely rocking it.

He’s gone pee and poop on his mini-potty since day two. I’ve tried to be as consistent as I can be, putting him on the potty at any sign of needing to go, and when he wakes up and before bed.

Fast forward to today, he’s graduated to the big boy potty (with potty seat) and he “tells” me when he has to go.

Hence the reason for this post. This is what happened today:

I stood in the hallway closet, he walks past me, into the bathroom, grabs his potty seat with both hands, turns around and walks into the hallway with his seat. He walked right up to me, holding it, just looking up at me.

I asked him if he had to go potty, and he turned around and walked back to the bathroom. I checked his diaper…DRY! I put him on the potty, he motioned towards his books (since that’s his routine) and as soon as we started to read his “Big Red Barn” book (makes him go every time) he pooped and then peed!

My boy is so smart. He knows when he’s gotta go!

Sometimes he wakes up from a 12 hour night with a dry diaper. So we quickly put him on the potty, where he proceeds to go like normal.

We call it normal because it’s surprising when he doesn’t go, even though, based on the reactions I get from moms with kids of the same age, I’d say this is anything but normal.

Thank you all for your encouragement over the last seven months to not give up. This is a proud mom thing for me, and I just hope I have enough energy to do the same thing when baby 2 is six months old!

I encourage any of you that are attempting to potty train at a young age (or any age!)…DONT GIVE UP. Stay consistent. Make it a positive experience. Get super excited when he goes! Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, or for weeks on end. You got this. She will get it eventually. And I’m here if you need to talk!

For those that wish to read where our potty training journey began, you can read it here. (There are must-have recourses for starting your own journey!)

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