Oh how I love my Lily Jade

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I’ve been a mom for three years already (what?!) and I’ve learned a lot!

I’ve also realized there are some important must-haves for motherhood, no matter what your child’s age.

Enter Lily Jade. The backpack diaper bag. The mama bag. The amazing-amazing bag.

I was that mom in the beginning that always (and I mean always) left the house without checking the diaper bag first, which usually resulted in getting somewhere and not having clean diapers or wipes or spare clothes. I’ve gotten better…but you know, it still happens.

I was also the mom that hated carrying a purse so I shoved all of my stuff in the diaper bag, too. Our very first diaper bag was decent and had a shoulder strap, but once I learned the value of a diaper bag backpack, I never looked back.

I get so excited to carry my Lily Jade that I keep it stocked and I can carry everything I need all at once, and it just looks like a mom-bag! There is enough room for both kid’s things, and it’s classy enough that daddy wears it, too!

The full grain leather, the high-quality, the beautiful designs, the 12-pocket machine washable organizer, the beads…these bags won’t disappoint. We have Elizabeth in Camel which I use as my mama bag/purse, and we have Shaylee in Black which I use for the kid’s things. Both work for diaper bags and both work for mama bags! Win win!

I’ve found that the Lily Jade does cost way more than other bags, and for good reason. They are each one of a kind, built to last, the leather is tucked in on the edges so it won’t crack or wear over time, the beads are natural Aventurine stone. I could keep speaking of the details that make Lily Jade exceptional, but I think you understand that quality matters to them, and it shows with each bag.

There is a clearance sale going on NOW, run run!!

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