My dear sweet GIRL.

We are over two weeks into this new journey already, how is that even possible?

Miss Charlie Rey made her grand entrance into this world on February 16 at 10:25pm. Weighing in at 6lbs. 13oz. and 19.5in.

She decided that she didn’t want to wait the extra ten days for our planned c-section. Here’s the story:

I drove an hour south for my final routine doctor appointment. I had been in false labor (again!) for five days prior but then everything stopped for 24 hours, so I figured I was safe to drive myself.

Of course, the contractions started again as I was driving.

Fast forward to the appointment.

Doctor checks me and his eyes get all big.

“Dannnng girl, you’re 3cm and fully effaced. I need you to stay in town for at least two hours and assess these contractions.”

“You’re kidding me,” was all I could utter.

“I don’t think you’re making it to the 26th,” he said confidently.

(This would be the second child MY doctor wouldn’t deliver.)

A part of me seriously doubted she would come that night, but I met with my husband and bff and made them walk around target with me, to waste time, and to maybe walk that baby out!

We decided after I lost my mucus plug in the target bathroom that I should at least get checked out at the ER. So I drove myself, yet again, to the ER, and happily skipped all the way in, despite the contractions that were coming quickly.

I waltzed into the ER like I’d done it ten times before.

I denied a wheelchair (because I wasn’t in labor! Ha ha….)

Apparently my body language during a contraction changed because the receptionist seemed to know that they were close together without me knowing.

In triage, I was checked by the same nurse I had when Zeke was born!

That 3cm had turned into 5cm…which an hour later turned into 7cm.

I guess we were having a baby that night! Good thing my mom made me bring my hospital bag!

My time in the OR this delivery was 100% different and 100% better.

I was calm, relaxed, yet in pain this time because I hadn’t had a spinal yet. But what was a little more pain?

The doctor asked what music I’d like and I told her “Jesus music”.

She played Christian contemporary.

I cried. Tears streaming down. They wouldn’t stop.

They lyrics were overwhelming me….

Jesus was there with me.

He was my strength.

I was in His hands.

So was our sweet girl.

Then I heard her cry. The most beautiful noise (because Zeke didn’t come out crying or breathing.)

She was a spitting image of her brother. Long black hair. Cuteness all around.

I actually got to have skin to skin right away. Amazing!

The OR erupted in “awwws” after we said her name was Charlie Rey.

The rest of the story is a blur, because we had a healthy, crying baby girl and I couldn’t stop thanking God. Nothing else mattered.

But that darn blood pressure cuff could stop squeezing my arm any time now!

And those uterus checks…stop it!

Mama’s, you know exactly what I’m saying!

Anyways, fast forward to two weeks in with our sweet girl.

She constantly is grunting, pooping or eating. And luckily my milk is flowing like a river because she eats 5oz at a time!

Her big brother still isn’t so sure, but there is progress every day. Baby steps. Two under two is no joke, and it’s exhausting, but it’s worth every moment.

Oh, and girls are totally different than boys! I assumed diaper changes would be easier this time around, but I was very mistaken! We went through almost 50 diapers in 3 days!

I’m so glad I get to continue learning new things as a mom every day, and I’m grateful for the two kiddos that teach me those things.

Thanking God for entrusting me to care for His children, to be their mama, and to love them fiercely. Today, tomorrow and for always.❤️

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