Moms can have dreams, too!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

If you don’t know this, I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011. It was always a dream of mine, among so many other dreams, yet I found my calling in it and stuck with it.

Over the last eight years of being behind the camera, I’ve captured hundreds of family and senior sessions and so many weddings, I lost track. But honestly, I got burnt out.

It became too much about the “perfect” posed photos and I lost my way, I lost my love of photography, I lost my passion.

After moving away from everything we knew over a year ago, and moving to the middle-of-nowhere, I began to realize it was a blessing in disguise. That move, and all those changes reminded me that time is fleeting, moments pass by too quickly, the slow life is better, and life is anything but perfect. I put photography on the back burner and decided I needed to gain some perspective.

The move also taught me a lot about motherhood, because I’m the “Monica Gellar” type…and everything needs to be in order, cleaned up…”perfect”…but motherhood is MESSY. Motherhood isn’t perfect. Motherhood means letting go, and living…it means breathing and finding inner peace, and it means letting there be handprints, paint, spilled rice, and toys everywhere…it means being okay with two kids who don’t want to look at the camera when mama asks…it means just capturing and documenting them as they are, which is what matters in the end anyways. Just being.

That, is the inspiration I needed.

So with a new perspective, new dreams and new inspiration, along with my best friend, I am jumping back into photography, in a whole new light. Chasing after the moments you’ll treasure, the details that can be frozen in time. Documenting a day at the park and telling a story instead of “you sit here and tilt your head this way and smile.” Documenting a family and telling a story about the love between them instead of a posed family photo you’ll hang in the hallway. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those photos, because they can be treasures, too, we just have a vision of storytelling and of documenting moments that pass by too quickly.

So here we are, HumanKnd Photography.

We are storytellers, documenting real moments, real details, real emotions. I’m drawn to  photos that make you FEEL something, and that’s the goal. We aren’t just capturing your child’s hands holding rocks…we are capturing their growth, independence and the details of their hands that change so quickly.

We aren’t just capturing a hug between a mama and her daughter, we are capturing unconditional love, and grace and a bond that can’t be described in words.

We are capturing life.

This is our dream, and we aren’t letting anything stop us. Even the 3,800 miles between us can’t stop us. I will run HumanKnd from the US and Kristi will run it from the UK, until, Lord willing, they will be here with us in the US in the next couple years. Don’t let distance stop you from dreaming…better yet, don’t let distance stop your dreams from coming true!

HumanKnd photography desires something greater for your frames, but more than that, we desire to share something with you, something life changing, and that’s kindness. It’s the simple act of being kind to each other, being kind to your mind…in a world where you can be anything, be kind. That kindness flows over into everything you do, it’s behind every moment. You never know what someone is going through, so please be kind.


HumanKnd Photography…excited to tell your story in the US and the UK, and open for world-wide travel. Lifestyle photos, Family photos, and Wedding photos.

Thank you for your love and support! xx

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