MilkSnob has you covered.

I’ve got another mom-essential coming at you.

Enter MilkSnob!

Since our little Charlie has been born (a month ago already, what!!) we haven’t been out much, probably because moving to the country brings a lot of seclusion, but also because going places with two under two is a trip!

When we do go out though, we are flooded with compliments on our beautiful car seat cover! The floral print is bright and vibrant, and makes us think spring!!

This MilkSnob cover provides protection from the sun, wind and nosy old lady’s at the grocery store (even though I did have one lady come up and say “oh…what do you have in there?” and then proceeded to peek in. 😒)

Another perk of this cover is it’s thin, so I can bundle up the baby in the winter and she’s warm enough with it…and I can also use it in the hot Michigan summers for sun protection without her boiling.

I also love that it can be worn as a nursing cover! I don’t mind nursing anywhere I am, and I don’t normally care about keeping covered…but I actually love using this because it’s so pretty and convenient!

Our pediatrician was so intrigued by it when she walked in the room and I was using it as a blanket for Charlie while we waited.

And grocery shopping is made easier because this can be used as a shopping cart cover to keep the germs away!

So many uses for such a simple cover. We love our MilkSnob!

Get yours here!

*I received this MilkSnob in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and photos are my own.

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