Make every moment count.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

A recent tragedy last weekend took a sister in Christ, a devoted wife, a young mama and a friend to so many much too quickly from our community. I am positive she impacted everyone who knew her, in her life and her death. My husband worked with her and says “I cannot think of another person who has impacted soooo many lives on such a deep level.”

I am humbly reminded that our time is not our own, and this place is not our home.

There is much urgency in this.

We never know when it’s our time to go, and that’s why it’s SO important to make every moment count.

Use your days teaching your children about God’s immense love for us, about Jesus—His short life, His love for everyone, His death on the cross, and His resurrection that saved us all if we believe.

Use each moment loving those around you. Serve the Lord with all of your heart, and love Him fiercely. Allow God to use you, bend you, and break you.

Our purpose on this earth is to serve God, to believe in and share Jesus with the world, and to worship Him.

God’s timing is funny—sometimes He takes people away tragically, but He uses that death to change lives, to impact hearts and to grow each of us—even when all it feels like is heartbreak at that moment.

Make every moment count, because you never know how that moment can impact those around you.

So I’ve got to ask you:

As a wife, have you served your husband today? Have you loved Him like Jesus loves? Have you prayed for him today? Have you spoken positively about him to others? Have you respected him? Have you let go of things that make you mad and forgiven him like God forgave you seven times seventy?

As a mama, have you talked about Jesus today? Have you prayed over your babes? Have you shown them gentleness and patience? Have you shared the importance of believing in Christ’s life, death and resurrection? Have you told them that they have hope in this world even when they feel hopeless, all because of Jesus? Have you told them you love them today?

As a friend, have you given of yourself today? Have you loved your neighbor as you love yourself? Did you reach out to someone that is sick, hurting, lonely? Did you pray over those in your life and ask God to use you to impact them? Have you hugged someone today?

As a Child of God, did you open up your heart today? Have you used your spare time to serve Him? Have you prayed and invited God into your day? Have you allowed a spark to ignite a fire inside of you—one that burns brightly for God? Have you allowed the Light to shine through you today? Are you being God’s hands and feet?

Now is the time because tomorrow is not promised.

O God, break our hearts for what breaks yours. Then heal us and fill the God-shaped hole inside of us.

Be the best wife, mama, friend, daughter, and sister you can be. Make every moment count.

If this recent tragedy as affected you in any way, I’m praying for you. May God comfort you and give you peace, may He dry your tears and wrap His arms around you. May you find peace knowing that our sister is with her Savior for all eternity.✝️

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