Looking backward + forward. 

Z spent his first New Year’s Eve rockin’ a glitter hat while momma drank root beer and daddy ate cheese cake and we talked with our family and friends and played with puppies.

Buck didn’t make it to 9pm.

Reflecting on the year that is now behind us, all I can say is…Praise God for 2016. While I read the opposite everywhere else, I’m going to give a big shout out to our gracious Father, who has perfect timing and reasoning for everything, and every single thing that happened last year was all part of His grand plan. Grateful for answered and unanswered prayers, another year of marriage, our sweet baby boy born in July, a trip to Florida to visit our favorite aunt and uncle (don’t forget the frog legs and fried gator), my brother’s wedding, photography sessions, our small group, our amazing church, decluttering, best friends, being able to vote and getting to vote with my husband and son, and celebrating first holidays with little Z…I could keep going, but you get the point. Thank you, God, for all of 2016.

This year, the plan is to be the best wife and mom I possibly can, pray boldly-for everything, take more pictures and videos and use social media less, serve at church, be more creative, drink more decaf soy lattes with my favorite man, spend more time with the people that mean so much, head to Florida again, adventure around our mitten state, become a minimalist, run more, get frustrated less, go completely lactose free, and strive daily to be like Christ.

Z’s already well on his way of having a great year. It’s day 2 and he’s already holding his own spoon full of sweet potatoes and feeding himself for the first time, and he’s actually liking tummy time now. Next goal is to get this almost-6-month old to sleep through the night!

Can’t wait to see where this year takes this little boy!

I want to reach out to all of you, let you know you’re being prayed for, and if you have any specific requests, send them to me (comment or send a contact form) and I’ll be praying!

Thankful for all of you who read this blog, who contribute and encourage me, who pray for my motherhood journey, who love and support me, and who walk with me daily. Thank you.

To all of you, here’s to a great year!

Bottles up! 🍼

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