Let go, and let God.

There has been a lot on my mind lately.

Especially with all that’s going on in the world, and with my generation…and with the upcoming generation that my generation is raising.

I find myself sitting on the couch watching my son play with his dogs. He’s so gentle resting his head on her, then one moment later he whacks Lillie in the head and then laughs. We are trying so hard to teach him to “pet nice,” and “be kind.” Sometimes I think he understands, sometimes I think he chooses not to.

So this brings me to the deep thoughts consuming my mind these days.

As a mom, I can attempt to teach my child everything I know, everything the bible says, the difference between right and wrong, how important living a Christ-like life is, and how important it is to be kind…but at the end of the day, he’s going to make his own choices, his own decisions.

And whether I like his choices or not, the only certain thing I can do as a mom is pray for him, and trust that God will lead him, protect him, and provide a bright future for him. In fact, I believe He will, I believe He already is doing just that.

I also believe that it’s crucial for me to pray over my child, and with my child…every day, and through every circumstance. If I only had one duty as a mom, and it was praying for him, I believe he’d be better off than if I taught him every ounce of information I know. That of course, is my opinion.

I was recently on a walk with my dear friend, who has four grown children. She spoke to me about how she gets anxious for her children, the paths they take, and if they will choose to follow Jesus or not. And about how sometimes she feels she failed them or she should have done things differently in her parenting.

That made me think even more.

I worry about my child right now, as a 14 month old…and I’m thinking that’s never going to change. I’ll probably always worry, that I will fail him, or that something terrible will happen to him, or that I should be parenting differently.

But I don’t have to feel that way. Besides, that’s probably Satan making me feel that way.

I know my worries will change as he grows, but one thing will remain constant…I don’t have to worry. God tells us not to worry. He’s got it all handled. He’s got a purpose for our children.

I must learn to let go, and let God.

I know God will fill Z with the Holy Spirit, I know He will make him strong and courageous, I know He will make his paths straight even if he takes a detour…this I am confident of.

So I’m going to attempt to be done worrying.

I will fail a million times. I’m also confident of that.

But I will try my hardest to give all those worries to God, who holds the universe, who loves us so much He sent His only Son to die on a cross (which I can’t even imagine doing!!) and take away our sins so we can live in eternity with Him…He can (and will!) handle all my worries, I just have to let go, and let Him!

Here’s to worrying less, and enjoying our children more!

(This goes for more than just parenthood, nothing is too big to hand-over to God…any diagnosis, tragedy, broken relationship, or any God-sized problem…God’s got it!)

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