It’s Always Sunny on Vacation

I may need a vacation from my vacation. Or just a very long nap!

Don’t get me wrong–traveling with an 8-month old was a grand ol’ adventure and a lot of fun, but I am exhausted!

Being in a new place messes up their schedules and sleeping in a new bed causes rough nights. But, it was seriously all worth it.

1. A Series of Unbelievable Events.

We were on Sanibel island for the day, and Z got to experience his first trip to the beach. He enjoyed the sand and watching the waves, but he wasn’t a fan of the cold water. He loved standing in the hole I dug and even did a face plant in the sand!

He was also experiencing a little hold up in his bowels during this time, so he chugged some prune juice (because he loves it!) And when I say some…I mean…6 ounces!

Straight up.

No dilution.

So…we stopped for dinner after the beach at the Island Cow, in which he was not a happy camper. He fussed and cried and only seemed to be happy when he was eating lemons.

So we ate and left. And then we got stuck in traffic.

Z started doing his pooping face (which is usually when he goes on his little potty) and then he stopped and smiled…

Then I smelled it.

Blueberry pie and oranges. A real fruit-fest.

So I said, “hmm, I’m just going to check his diaper and see if he actually…”

And as I was saying it, I got my fingers about 1cm in his shorts and I felt it.

Warm. Wet. Nasty. Poop. Under. My. Nails.


So being stuck in traffic meant we pulled into a parking lot on sanibel island and changed that boy’s diaper on the cement. He sure was a happy camper after that.

He shall hear that story someday.

2. Stench on a Plane.

We flew Southwest, which I love for many reasons, and it was a great travel experience with a little one. On our flight from Grand Rapids to Fort Myers, we ended up getting the very first row, and we got all 3 seats! It was a blessing for sure.

The couple behind us had a little chihuahua so we got to talking about dogs and babies. They were funny.


Z did so great for the first two hours of the flight. He was happy, loved looking out the window with daddy, loved watching the Cat in the Hat with his baby headphones on, enjoyed drinking all daddy’s cranberry juice, and liked standing up in our spacious leg room…

Then it happened.

He bent his knees and did the face I know all too well…and then the smell went into the air like a cloud hovering over all the passengers. The people around us looked over, the couple behind us made jokes about their dog causing the stench…and the flight attendant decided to give me a bag to put the very full diaper in…and then decided that wasn’t enough to cover the smell so she double bagged it.

He is little, but he sure caused a commotion on a 737. 3. A Wade to Remember

Our family so graciously put us up for the week we were there. One night, they had gone to bed but Z-man was wide awake with no sleep in sight. He was also very very warm. So I decided to sit him on the edge of the bathroom sink and put his feet in cold water.

He was enjoying it. Splashing his feet and throwing objects into his mini-pool.

Then he did it.

He slid his booty downward and sat down.

In his pajamas.

In the cold water.

And he loved it!! It was his happy place for sure. He wasn’t too pleased when we took him out, with his ninja-turtles pj’s sopping wet.

He slept in the nude from that night on. Our little hot-bodied boy.

And any time he decided to be crabby, we filled the sink and sat him down and he played contently for long periods. His own personal pool. 👌🏼 4. Hey Beetle Beetle, the cat and the fiddle…

The pool was spectacular. Warm and all to ourselves most of the time. He loved it when I would sing “Hey Diddle Diddle…” because he knew he would get thrown up in the air when we got to the “the cow jumped over the moon…” Z also loved to stand by himself along the edge and move his little booty in the water.

Every little boys dream.

A big beetle.

5. Under the Florida Sun.

A few days before we left, Z got a terrible rash on his face that continued to get worse each day. I did some research (which isn’t always smart) and came to the conclusion that he had ringworm.

So I gave in the day before we left, since the ringworm cream wasn’t curing it, and called the doctor. We went the morning of and the doctor said although it could be ringworm, he wanted to treat it as eczema. So I started putting 2 new creams on him and it seemed to be helping.

After a full day in the Florida sun though…the rash was gone! I didn’t apply the cream the rest of the trip, and it stayed away!

Praise God!

Unfortunately, after being back in the cold, dry Michigan, it has returned to his little face. 😭

C’mon spring!!! 6. Pictures and videos that tell their own stories:

We love you, Florida! Until next time. 😘

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