I'm ready to write again.

I titled this post with confidence, and as soon as I started typing, I immediately was met with “oh my word, maybe I’m not ready!”

But I’ll continue anyway.

It's been months and months since I've written.

I was only seeing the negative things everyday...I had no inspiration to write anything here to be encouraging and uplifting (which I know being REAL is most important anyways, but I still didn’t want to put all my negativity out there!)

I was sad, and I spent a good portion of this summer being unhappy, mad, and frustrated.

So this week I decided to change my perspective. I decided to take my own advice and find the positives, to lean on that tribe that loves me so much and to just be happy (because life is seriously too short to go through each day feeling anything but that!)

I'm reminded that there is a season for every single thing. A season for blogging in this case meant I needed to step back and take a break, keep my negativity and frustration to myself so now I can share it with y’all and encourage you that it’s ok to feel those things. That’s the thing about seasons, we are meant to go through them so we can grow and change and see how far we’ve come.

One of my favorite quotes is “the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.” It’s fitting as we go into this winter season, because it’s a big season of change.

It's been very dark in my mind, very sad and cold. But someone told me this week to sit down, close my eyes and imagine complete happiness. And the moment I did that, I wanted to slap myself, because I've wasted so many days being unhappy, when I'm in control of that! I have the power to change anything and everything, to choose how I respond to life and to be genuinely happy no matter what life throws at me or who walks out or how hard things get! I have the power to let things go.

I've learned very recently that people walk out. Let them. Cry your eyes out, feel the pain, but then let it go and keep going. Maybe that relationship needed to end to protect you even though it might not feel like that yet.

People will hurt and disappoint you. That sucks. Realized that it's usually not even about you. So let it go and carry on, with or without them, the choice is yours.

Happiness isn't going to come from anywhere else but from within, and until you realize that, you'll be stuck with an unhappiness that will just keep sinking deeper and deeper. Find yourself in prayer, seeking that inner peace and inner happiness, that joy that comes from Jesus, and don't rely on earthly things and other people to make you happy. We are all just human. So let go of that unhappy and make yourself happy! (I'm still working on this, please don't hear me saying I've figured this point out!)

Motherhood is hard, no matter what ages of kids you have. There are tantrums and power struggles and strong-willed kids and discipline and broken relationships and days where you don't want to wake up and take care of yourself, let alone kids that want all your attention and love. You're doing great, mama. Let go of the things you can't control and just spend your time running around with them, laughing and being silly and teaching them letters and numbers and animal noises and don't worry about the heavy stuff for a second. Each day brings enough battles, learn now how important it is to just be in the moment with them, because that's what they want, that love you give to them is what they will remember throughout their lives.

The last lesson I've learned that I'll share here is there are toxic people, and it doesn't matter what relationship they are to you...if they are toxic, they are toxic. You have a choice...let them go, or accept they are toxic and don't let it hurt you. (Or I guess you can let them go, too, but that's up to you, isn't it?)

I realize this is a deep post, and maybe nobody cares, or maybe it hits home, or maybe it won't even get read...I don't care. Because it's real, and that's what I care about.

I celebrate a THREE YEAR milestone next week of Momma Meets World, and I am so grateful to those of you who have stuck with me for the last three years of joy, triumphs, trials and pain. Your support is uncanny and I appreciate all your words of encouragement and rawness.

Remember, if you're going through something, my door is always open. Just knock.



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