I have become ‘that mom’

When I first started “planning” my motherhood journey as an adult, I swore to myself I would never become ‘that mom’ that did different things to get her child to listen, obey or stop crying!

That mom in the store that handed her whiny child her iPhone full of games to distract him from the toys he wouldn’t be getting.

That mom making dinner that gave in and gave her child the pack of m&m’s he was crying so hard for.

That mom driving down the snowy roads that is handing her son sweet-tarts to try and make the ride home a more sweet, peaceful one.

That mom going crazy trying to soothe her teething baby, trying to do everything natural and organic and non-medicating, but finally breaks down and gives that dose of Tylenol just to get her happy boy back.


I have become ‘that mom’.

I almost want to say it’s inevitable.

After awhile, the crying must break you down and make you weak, because that child of mine has me wrapped around his little candy-loving, remote-snatching fingers.

And I’m learning to be okay with it.

I have a strong relationship with Jesus, a strong view on many things, and a strong will…but lately I’ve found myself so mom-weak.

This 17-month-old of ours may be starting the terrible-twos already, and I’m over here like “baby, you shouldn’t have any more sugar today, but please please please take this Twix and go watch your movie for the third time so I can have a moment!”

Motherhood is messy, it’s hard, and it’s exhausting. But those babies will love you no matter how much of a mess you are–just do you; do your best and that’s 100% perfect.

As we run into a new year, I’m not one for making resolutions, but I am one for setting goals. This year, my goal is to let go of the things that make me feel like I’m failing as a mom, because I am most definitely not.

No matter how many Twix I hand this kid, he will still grow up and live a full life (Lord willing.) The only thing might be that he’s addicted to sugar and I have to work on that very soon!

My point though with this, is all the things we might view as “bad” (sugar, tv, Tylenol, etc,.) in the big scheme of life, aren’t! So take a breath mama. It’s okay to be ‘that mom’…because I am her and I’m over here just enjoying how happy the little “bad things” make my son, and that’s perfectly fine (in moderation!!)

Oh and hey…in about 50 days, I’m bringing a new child into this world that I get to start all over with. I’m already planning her no-sugar lifestyle now. I’ll let you know how long that lasts! 😉 Maybe I can kick Z’s obsession in the booty before she will notice!

I pray my children choose to be obedient and do what’s right in the eyes of God. I pray they are filled with the Holy Spirit, and that they choose to be like Christ. I pray that they will be thoughtful and caring spouses and patient and loving parents some day. As long as I put them on the right path, a little coaxing through the terrible two won’t hurt, right? God’s got this. I’m holding on to the plans He has for my kids and that brings a lot of peace!

So here’s to 2018.

Embrace being ‘that mom’ and be the best mom you can be. Don’t worry about “failing” or “falling short” of any mom-standards…because I say if you’re loving them with all you’ve got, you’re already a step ahead!

Carry on.

*my child gets three healthy meals a day, time outside and time away from the tv, and is only given Tylenol when he won’t stop screaming from teeth pain.

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