Hospital bag essentials

With baby number two, I’m a hospital bag pro.

I totally am kidding, but I do have a few essential items that I believe should be in your bag, for baby and for you.

Being overly prepared is my thing. I had a big bag packed for Z and I when he was born. I used probably 10% of the things in there. This time—I’m only packing essentials.

And I have this bag packed 21 days before my c-section date…because you seriously never know. (And oh my goodness…21 DAYS!!!!!!!!)

Things for baby:

The hospital provides diapers, wipes, pacifiers, hats and receiving blankets, among a snot sucker and even the use of a breast pump and parts. And probably other things too…but mom brain 🤷🏼‍♀️ (at least this is how it was at my hospital.)

So this time…

-I’m packing the welcome outfit I will take all the fresh, squishy photos in (from Little Miss Dessa) -A couple handmade bows (from Little Bear Necessities Co.) -A letterboard and letters to announce her name and stats. -A few more cozy outfits (and socks!) -A pretty blanket and/or swaddle (probably to use in photos, as well.) -A wombie (because it’s a simple way to swaddle.) -Our Slumberkins (because why not!?)

Pretty simple. Almost too simple.

Things for breastfeeding:

-I’ll be rubbing a homemade roller ball with clary sage oil and fennel oil on my breasts to start milk production and increase it. -I will also be snacking on lactation cookies (made by Boob Food) that will help produce more milk! 2 cookies a day can make 5oz more! Chewy, organic and vegan…YUM. Will be an excellent addition to that tasty hospital food 😉 -I have a stash of nursing bras that I’ve already been wearing for months. -Nursing tanks are super handy. -Pajamas that button up the front are a must (I lived in those for days and days.) Some mom’s like robes.

Things for mom:

-I’ll be bringing my essential oil diffuser. -Lavender and Cedarwood oils (for sleep and relaxation.) -Frankincense (for anointing the baby when she’s born.) -(Lavender and Frankincense can also be used for that c-section scar after it starts to heal!) -Valor oil (to apply diluted to her feet to promote balance in her body.)

Then I’ll be packing my normal me-things… -Makeup. -Hair products. -Chapstick -Toothbrush and paste -Glasses -Comfy clothing (maternity…you’ll still have a belly) -Flip flops for the shower -My “hospital undies” (big, comfy, cotton undies that I bought just for after baby because…well…c-section wound and blood.) -Camera, lenses, memory cards and charger.

Things for Z:

I’m adding in this category last minute because I’ve heard from many parents about how to make the transition from only child to big brother a bit easier. Z will be coming down to visit with Papa and Grandma one of the days. He will be too young to understand anything that’s going on, so this is more so just for a distraction for him.

-A gift from baby sister to Z (it will probably be a consignment shop toy.) -His favorite snack or treat, can also be “from baby sister.” -Lots of love, hugs and affirmation.

Going home:

-We will be taking her home in her pre-installed car seat. -A warm blanket to cover the baby. -My beautiful floral car seat cover (from milksnob—doubles as a nursing cover, too!) to block the sun and keep the warmth in on the long drive home.

We will be over an hour away from home this birth, so whatever I end up needing, we will have to get from the store or live without it! I’m assuming I won’t need anything else.

Hope this is a helpful guide for first time moms and beyond!

Happy packing!

And happy birth! ❤️

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