Here is to long awaited happy beginnings…

Let me tell you a story that started in 2009.

I worked with this guy at Biggby Coffee. I dreaded shifts together because he either: a.) talked about movies the whole time, or b.) pulled crazy pranks on me in front of customers or staff.

Two memories in particular come to mind…

He took an espresso puck and drizzled caramel and chocolate over it, topped it with whipped cream and told me I had to sample “the new Biggby brownie”… UCK. That was a shockingly nasty brownie.

And when I was working the drive-thru window, he walked up to the window to hand me the finished drink and “tripped” sending the cup of hot coffee flying out the window at the customer. I screamed, they screamed, he laughed…nobody got hurt from that empty cup of prank-latte.

I was happy the day that dude quit. Let me tell you.

Fast forward to 2014. This day exactly, 3 years ago.

This same guy came to my church and sat behind me. And after the service, he took me to Starbucks, and fro-yo, and a long walk in the park. And we talked about our bad pasts and our future desires and if we wanted kids or not.

The rest is history.

No, really.

We enjoy telling that story, as I’m sure you can see why.

What started as a bad friendship (well, what I thought was bad at least…who knew he was being mean because he liked me…? Boys!) truly blossomed into a great love story.

We started dating and got married all in a 4-month time period! Craziness.

God brought us both through terrible situations, and those stories brought us together. I’m forever grateful for His perfect plan and His perfect timing. And a whole lot of grace and forgiveness along the way.

Oh, and he still talks about movies A LOT…and he still pulls a lot of pranks on me…but now I love him. 😉

I’ll always be grateful for my first job, that brought a man into my life who I had no clue would be here 8 years later as my spouse, lover, parenting teammate, confidant, shoulder to cry on, travel buddy, laughter-causer, spiritual leader, and friend.

Here’s to happy stories that came from unlikely beginnings.

Happy 3rd coming-back-into-each-others-lives day, babe. 😘

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