Here is something to chew on.

I believe there is a reason we can’t remember things in our early childhood. 

Sometimes I wish Z would be able to remember his love for baths and sweet potatoes and football games and being up north and all of his firsts, but other things, like growth spurts and cutting teeth and banging his head…I’m very glad he won’t remember.

Today, he cut his first tooth. Or as my husband said to me during pillow-talk one night, “you mean cut his gums?”

Yeah, that.

Regardless of what we should call it, teething is painful (which is ironic that I write that because I clearly can’t remember what teething felt like as a 6 month old, but seeing Z’s reaction makes me believe it.)

Z had been miserable for weeks. No sleep, terrible naps, little interest in food or bottles, a handful of fevers, and lots of whining.

I wish so badly I could take away his pain. I know all mommas agree with me there.

I’ve been praying over and over that his pain would go away, that whatever was causing that pain would go bye-bye…and after the ear-piercing scream out-of-nowhere at 12:27pm today…he was a new boy! That little tooth FINALLY decided to pop through those pink gums and my happy little boy…popped back, too! And guess what, he won’t remember that pain…until the next one comes.

This has been a hard couple of weeks on this momma, too. But I’ve found some ways to get through it. Allow me to send you all some encouragement.

And then rejoice when those teefers pop through!!

Non-mommas– almost the same advice as above, but different circumstances. You might not be watching your child cut teeth, but you may be going through a painful or frustrating season…hold fast to God. Take deep breaths and pray through everything. Hug lots. Love lots. Trust even more.

And rejoice when God carries you to the higher ground and dries those tears!

Xo, M.

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