Flowing with liquid gold.

Nine months.

That’s how long my body produced milk after our son was born. And that nine months was a struggle to say the least. I tried nursing tea and power pumping, no luck.I couldn’t produce enough to sustain him with just milk, so he started baby food just shy of 4 months as well.

I was heartbroken. All I wanted to do was give my child all that he needed, but my body said NOPE!

So this time, I changed things up.

I researched milk-producing ideas and came up with a couple–because I have a one year goal again this time and nothing is going to stop me!

We are 13 days postpartum, so these are tried and true.

First up:

Boob Food Lactation Cookies.

Since we had a planned cesarean this time, I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat these until they took me off the liquid diet, but as soon as they did–I ate two cookies and said a little prayer!

These cookies, let me tell you, are chewy, perfectly sweet, and sooo good…you’ll want to eat the whole bag at once! They’re also made with all natural and organic ingredients!

And the best part…


By the end of the second day in the hospital, baby girl was gulping when she nursed!

On day three, after arriving home, I began pumping…and produced 1 full ounce. Two hours later…I pumped 2 full ounces!

I was seriously on cloud nine.

And it hasn’t slowed down since.

And this stuff was beautiful! Beautiful gold!!!

So I continue to eat 2 to 3 cookies a day, and I honestly believe they are part of the reason I’ve been able to have a fridge stocked with milk (to me, that is three 4oz bottles) AND be able to save two 4oz bags in the freezer DAILY!

Dare I say, this is an over-abundance of milk…but it’s also an answer to prayer so I’m going to keep on keeping on!

Purchase your cookies HERE, I promise you won’t regret it. The chef, Anna, certainly has created an amazing thing here. ❤️


Clary Sage + Fennel roller ball

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with using oils for everything.

Breastfeeding is no exception…especially after I found that my homemade roller ball WORKS!

Starting immediately following the c-section, I rubbed the roller ball on the top of each breast. I repeated this after each time nursing.

It’s not advised to use fennel for more than 10 days, which was perfect because I used the entire roller ball in those 10 days! I will make another and start it up again in about a week.

I stood by oils then…I will continue to stand by them now!

Oh, and if you like black licorice…you’re in luck, because these two oils together smell just like it. I had nurses coming in my room saying it smelled like black licorice in the hallway!

(PS…I used 20 drops of Clary Sage and 20 drops of Fennel essential oils from Young Living (because they are 100% pure and safe) and the rest fractionated coconut oil.)

If you’re on the hunt for liquid gold producing ideas, I highly suggest these two things. They worked for me, and I hope they work for you!

Happy nursing!

I was given boob food cookies in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

I bring you this blog post as a seasoned mom who needed to do something different with baby number two to produce more milk, not as a health care professional–please consult your doctor with questions or concerns.

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