Farmhouse style with Mikasa

With our recent move from the city to the country, farmhouse style is definitely my thing (well, it always has been…but now it can actually be possible!) Rustic and simple. Crisp and clean. Earthy and calming.

I’ve been searching for months for dinnerware to fill my future kitchen—so when I stumbled upon the simplicity of Mikasa’s “Cheerful” dinnerware set and Moscow Mule mugs, I couldn’t say no!

We are building our own farmhouse table to go in our new home, and these will be a gorgeous addition to each meal.

Makes me excited to host a dinner party! If you’re on my guest list, get ready for a woodsy-feeling atmosphere!

The plates, bowls and mugs all have a different design, giving them each character, yet still looking sleek and simple as a set. I can “dress” them up with table decor, or keep them simple—either way, gorgeous.

Add in the Moscow Mule mugs and you’ve got a table setting fit for a queen (or a happy momma who wants to feel excited when she looks at her table!) Don’t you just love their beautiful design?

Mikasa’s website has endless pages of beautiful dinnerware sets to choose from, and so much more. I can assure you the quality is worth the money, and you won’t be disappointed. Check them out if you’re in the market for giving your dinnerware a facelift!

Our mule certainly wasn’t disappointed with her Moscow Mule 😉 Cheers!

*This post is sponsored by Mikasa, but all opinions are my own.

**No animals were given alcohol during the making of this post.

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