Embracing your Mom-bod

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I recently read somewhere to have a swimsuit body, you 1. Have a body, and 2. Put a swimsuit on it.

I love that. I also love this—Who needs a beach bod when you can have a mom bod?

You gotta love yourself a little in this day in age when body image is taking a hit, thanks to social media and photoshop and what the “standard of beauty” is.

Be proud of this mom bod you have. It’s adorn with sacrifice, love, battle scars, and proof that you brought babes into this world.

Those love handles are for those babes to sit on. That flab…let’s call it flabulous! That cellulite will eventually go away…Embrace every inch of you, God created you in His image, you are nothing to be ashamed of!

I sometimes have to remind myself of this when I’m feeling blahhh some days…but then I am reminded how lucky and blessed I am to have my toddler on one hip and my two month old on the other.

This is our temporary body on this earth, then we go to heaven and eventually the New Earth where our bodies will be pain free and what I can imagine to be perfect.

So while you’re here on this earth…get a swimsuit that embraces your mom-bod…go to the beach…and have fun with your kids! Don’t even stop for a second to think about what others think of you, because it doesn’t matter!

In fact…get a Beach House swimsuit! They’re beautiful, amazing quality, and they have so many choices, perfect for all your mom bods! I personally love the Bandeau tops and high-waisted bottoms. Confidence builder, for sure!

I’ve wanted to get a high quality suit for this summer, since we live in the country now, right off a lake. Paddleboarding…here I come! Laying on my new deck…here I come! Bringing the babes to the beach…here I come!!! Thank you, Beach House!

Enjoy your mom-bods…mamas! And enjoy your summer!

And if you want to start working out, do it! Or do my workout routine I like to call MOM. Wake up, and mom all day long, I guarantee you’ll look fabulous in no time carrying around those kids all day and chasing after them! (Weights and cardio done by 10am, go you!!!)

*I received these swimsuits in exchange for my honest review. All photos, thoughts and options are my own.

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