Don’t forget to…

When I first learned I was pregnant in November 2015…I started connecting the dots of a lot of things. One of those things being “mom brain”…oh my word, I was forgetting everything. Why in the world does that happen?

Then my little miracle joined us on this earth and it got even worse!

To add to the forgetfulness…fresh new moms (and even seasoned moms) have little time to themselves to do simple things…like eat and drink! C’mon mommas, you know what I’m talking about!

I donate plasma for grocery money, and part of donating is being hydrated (since your plasma is 92% water) and I’m a runner which is another reason to stay hydrated.

Must…keep…drinking…water…and must…not…forget….

I recently found a mom-must-have: hidrate spark 2.0. A water bottle of the future! And a handy sidekick for moms.

Here is why I love it (and why anyone, not just moms will love it, too!)

1. It GLOWS!! It glows to remind you to drink…it glows when you meet your daily goal, and it glows when you want it to (with the app) to make your baby laugh! (Seriously, Z loves it!)

2. When you have goals in mind, your more likely to do everything you can to meet them! My first day using this bottle, I drank 126oz out of my daily 100oz goal (yes…I loooove water!) thanks to the awesome app that keeps track for you via Bluetooth. I lowered my goal to the recommended 34oz and thats much easier to achieve daily!

3. It comes in any color you could want!

4. If you’re like me and forget the bottle at home, and you drink a store-bought bottle (or glass of tap water!)…you can add those ounces into your intake in the app. (And there is a friend feature so you can have a water drinking contest with your friends!)

5. There is a loop that attaches to the bottle making it easy to hold on to when you have your arms full of a million things.

6. It’s stylish. And that’s important because sometimes our messy hair and dirty shirts need a stylish accessory. And seriously, people compliment me on my cool water bottle (after they tell me how cute Z’s hair is. Ha!)

7. Z sees me drinking out of it which makes him want a drink. I’d say that’s a parenting win! Encourage your child to drink water. Check! Watch him LOVE water. Double check. Double win!

8. Setup is easy and the battery life is great.

When you want to check them out for yourself–click here!

And here’s a video of the blinking in action. (This is blinking due to me pressing the button in the app. It also blinks on its own to remind me to drink and blinks when I complete my goal.)

​ I was given a Hidrate Spark 2.0 in exhange for my honest opinion about the product.

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