As I sit here

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I’m sitting in my unfinished basement.

On a lawn chair.

With no idea what this post will be about…

Starring at the drywall that we still need to mud and sand and mud and sand and mud and…

You get the point.

And this blank canvas is amazing to me.

This whole modular home process is amazing to me.

We own this! This place is ours to call home! What!

Above me is our soon-to-be home, not done yet, but when it’s finished, it’ll be filled with laughter and photos and memories (and many blog tours!)

I’m sitting here envisioning all that is to come, and thanking God for all that already is.

It’s a humbling experience–building a home. No matter how it’s built.

It makes me realize that even on the days that I feel like we can barely make it by, or that I’m so tired I just want to cry…we have enough.

And I’m surrounded by an almost-home that shows me that we have more than enough.

God is here, within these walls, and He is constant, and He provides, and He had a plan that is coming to life even when we had no clue what to do when our house sold in one day.

He did this. He is why I am here. He is why I get to sit in these walls and envision laughter and movie nights and big family dinners (that we can finally host!) and nights outside under strings of lights and stars with crickets surrounding us instead of city noises.

I’m sitting here humbly reminded that some people don’t even have homes, yet sometimes I’m inpatient that I can’t move into mine as it sits here waiting to be finished. It’s sort of like a reality check.

Each delay, I got so frustrated. Each time something got pushed back, I wanted to cry. I was stuck in this world where it was all about me and all about my house. I was wrong.

But God used each of those many opportunities to teach me patience and gratefulness. And each time I would ask God for patience…He’d give me more opportunities to be patient. You’d think I would have learned to stop asking, haha.

But I learn more each day about Heaven and the New Earth, and I know this is just my temporary dwelling. I know this beautiful home won’t be my eternal home, but I’m still very thankful for it.

And for the staff at South Park Homes, for bearing with me and for doing everything they can to get us into this house. And for the contractors who are here getting things done. And for my dad and neighbor, who have done so incredibly much, all out of love. Thank you all for being part of our journey, and for making dreams come true.

Thank you, God, for this house, for teaching us patience and for blessing us with so much. And for reminding me to count my blessings daily.

As I sit here, I can’t help but think about how sweet this all is. ❤️

Here’s to the move-in-date, whenever that is.

This is in no way sponsored by South Park Homes.

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