Adventure on. 

Ice fishing with a baby? YES! 🐟🐠

I know I’ve mentioned many times that being a mom is my greatest adventure, and I’m about to tell you why.

“Hey, life is an adventure. Just walking out that door is an adventure.” -Margalo, Stuart Little 2

My whole life, I’ve thrived on spontaneous trips, seeing new places, going somewhere last minute just because the flights were a steal, seeing sunsets in different areas, and trying new things…oh and taking hundreds of photographs!

Family walks are the BEST!

Well, being a mom is even better than all of that.

It is?


Every day, my son does something new. He makes me smile more than I ever have. He makes me laugh until I cry. He is more exciting than a cheap plane ticket. He loves to eat and try new things. He’s the most adorable little guy to look at. He enjoys long walks outside, trips in the car, ice fishing with daddy…oh and I take thousands of photographs (see below…)

Up north with our 2 week old!!

Campfires with our 1 month old!

Walks through the woods with our 2 month old!

Sunset adventures with our 3 month old.

Chicago fun with our 4 month old.

More adventures up north with our 5 month old.

Snowy, puppy adventures up north at 6 months old.

Ice fishing with daddy at 7 months old.

Plus…if we want to go on a trip or try new things… HE GETS TO GO WITH US!

Which makes the adventure double the fun.

Who says you can’t nurse everywhere? 😍

We will be headed on a jet plane to Florida in 25 days and I’m excited about the trip, and seeing family, and laying in the sun and walking in the sand…but I’m even more excited about seeing Z’s reactions when he’s there. Seeing him splash in the pool (like a giant bath tub!!) and watching him laugh at the doggies he will be around and the critters he will see on our walks. And seeing him get to know the family I cherish so much will make my heart burst! ❤️

Oh man, I’m giddy with excitement just writing this! 😎😍🤣

If anyone asks me if I wish I would have traveled the world (or just to more places) before I became a mom…the answer is a big fat NO.

Because now I can travel to those places with my two favorite guys, and have more fun than I would without them.

Praise God for the opportunity to be a mom, and the means to adventure it up.

To all of you: make every day an adventure. Make every day new and exciting. And don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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