Actively seeking adventure.

It’s so easy to get lost in the monotony of changing diapers, nap schedules, potty training, constantly picking up toys, and dealing with demanding schedules. Life is too short to get bogged down by those things–you’ll miss out on the beauty of each day.

With an almost-active 10-month old, we are constantly seeking new, fun, memory-making adventures. Whether it be the zoo, a fun park, a river, the beach, a museum, new city, fishing or anything out of our normal day routine.

One of those happened this past holiday weekend.

My parents just bought little calves. Three sweet babies…six days old.

You guys, they are so cute! And they would suck your hands off if you let them!

We took baby Z (and his BFF Eden) to see his new little buddies and he had so much fun (even when they sucked his cheeks and ears!) He was loving on those sweet things and they were cracking him up.

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