A little potty for a little butt. 

If you’re a parent, you know the cost of diapers. You pay so much money for something that gets wet/soiled and thrown away…so in essence…you’re throwing away money.

We have cloth diapers, but don’t use them consistently due to high city water costs…we just can’t win! (Oh, and did I mention that I’m very Dutch?)

So…my husband bought me the book “Diaper-Free Before 3” which basically gives you insight on starting potty-training at 6 months (or any age before 3.) Good, simple read, just what us mommas need. 👍🏼

I started Z on the potty this week. Just sitting him on his little potty after he wakes up, each nap and each meal (solids and breast milk) for a few minutes…getting him used to it and hoping he will soon understand what “go pee-pee” and “go poo-poo” means.

The first day, he laughed a lot, whined some, and peed in the diaper as soon as I gave up and put it back on.

The second day…


He pooped, people!! Holy crap, literally. 💩🚽

6 months and 7 days old and he went potty in the potty!! Laugh at me all you want, but this momma is jumping up and down with excitement and pride! (Insert happy tears here.)

Later that night, I tried for 20 minutes to get him to pee in the potty, and as soon as I put the diaper on, he peed in that instead. He’s soooo close, I can feel it!

(UPDATE: day three…he peed in the potty after his nap!!! 🙌🏼👏🏼❤😍)

I’m sure one of these days making pee noises and running the water and breathing cold air at his man-parts (while praying he doesn’t pee in my mouth-what a story that WILL be…) will result in him voiding in the potty, but for now, I’ll just wait with anticipation while I continue to learn patience.

I’ve had negative feedback from starting the potty training process at 6 months, and I’ve had positive. So far, it’s been a fun and positive process and I’m looking forward to each win and embracing each set back. I’m also looking forward to seeing where this takes us and how long we will be “training.” Follow along if you want to hear more potty stories my little man will be doing his doody, I’m sure of it.

OH…and if you want a little potty for your little one, order it here, you won’t regret it! It even makes a flushing noise! 👏🏼

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