A box fit for a queen…I mean a breastfeeding mama!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

You guys, if you don’t know by now that I’m passionate about breastfeeding…I AM!

I struggled so much the first time when low milk supply, and this time…I had the milk flowing in the beginning and now it’s taken a nose dive!

That means I’ve been in problem-solving mode for days! Because I will not let this milk-making battle get the best of me!

I recently went dairy-free for Charlie to see if it helps her tummy (like I had to do with Zeke) and from that day on, I haven’t been able to save one bag of milk (like I was saving one bag A DAY in the freezer!) So I’m not sure if cutting out dairy did me in…but I’m trying extra hard to make up for it!

I’m drinking water and nursing tea, and eating lots of calories, taking fenugreek and eating BoobFood cookies, and pumping every two hours and *trying* to get lots of sleep, but I’m still searching for more options!

And then in my mailbox…the greatest thing appeared: a Colson + Joe Breastfeeding Subscription Box!

I am amazed by this box. And you’ll see why.

It’s filled with soooo many things that I never new existed for nursing moms! And it’s tailored to my dairy-free diet!

We got vegan protein powder, which I’ve always wanted because I love shakes (and yes, I’m lactose intolerant myself, but usually I just deal with the pain!) and it’s filled with all milk-producing things like brewers yeast, flaxseed, and fenugreek. This shake is my favoritest (yes I make up words) in the box! And I can confidently say that I noticed a big surplus in milk on the days I drank a shake (and even more on the days I drank 2!) This stuff is a must, and I’m so glad Colson + Joe introduced me to RawNaturals! This is a bag of gold right here!

BoobFood cookies are the best (I’m well acquainted with these balls of goodness as seen here.) I’m so excited that these are in this box, and I hope these chewy, organic, vegan cookies are your favorite, too!

A teething necklace (because who likes getting their hair pulled while nursing? Not me!) This awesome and trendy necklace is one that she can tug on now and chew on eventually!

There is a lactation brownie (YUM) and lactation oat bar, along with mothers milk tea, goat’s rue supplements, prenatal vitamins, lip scrub and lip butter (sooo good!) and even milk storage bags (that I really love–great quality!)

This box seriously has it all! And it’s definitely worth the $29.99 a month!

And the best part: it has introduced me to so many new products to help me on this breastfeeding journey and for that, I’m so so grateful!

Praying over this process and trusting God will provide enough milk for my little girl!

Get your subscription box HERE!

*I was given this subscription box in return for my honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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