365 days of loving you.

As I sit here watching you nap on your first day of toddlerhood, tears fill my eyes as I think back on the last year (and how babyhood is over…)

Namely, how things technically started a year and a few days ago with false labor. Seven days of that to be exact. Goodness that was painful. Contractions 24 hours a day, 2-5 minutes apart, lasting for 2-4 minutes each.

I do believe that gave a labor of love a bigger meaning to me.

A year ago yesterday we went to the hospital at 9am, real-labored for 17 hours, 3.5 of those hours were spent pushing with no luck of baby K’s appearance…which brought us to July 11, 2016 in the operating room with an emergency c-section at 1:40am with a non-breathing (for a minute) baby BOY.

And a year ago today…about 5:55am, I held my sweet boy for the first time. So many emotions surround that moment, including the sadness about being apart from you for the first few hours of your life. But mostly joy. Pure joy.

The days and weeks and months that followed were each filled with new adventures, bigger laughs, stinkier diapers and more and more love.

You not only made me a mother, but you turned me into a momma.

But fast forward to today…and you’re a year old. A sweet, gentle, hilarious, spunky, brave, strong, smart, cuddly, handsome young man.

You’ve experienced so much your first year! You grew and changed every day! You’ve been to Big Rapids, Grand Haven, Chicago, Florida, and Traverse City. You’ve fed animals at the zoo, and played in the Gulf of Mexico, and strolled down Michigan Ave, and got cow kisses. You’ve been going potty on your little potty since you were six months old, and now you go on the big boy potty! You love reading and eating everything, and dancing and playing outside. You love music and all animals and swimming and cuddling.

Wow, what a year!

I pray every day for your heart, my sweet boy, that it will be filled with love for God and His Holy Spirit. I pray that you will change the world, and that you’ll choose to make it a better place. I pray God will use you and that you’ll obey. I pray God will protect you, but also make you dangerous for Him. I pray for your future wife, whoever and wherever she is. I pray that you will continue to grow and thrive and flourish. I pray that you’ll be a generous, kind, compassionate and respectful gentleman.

Thanking God for each moment this last year. All the good moments and the yucky. You’ve taught me more than I can teach you.

It’s a bittersweet thing, watching you turn ONE, but I sure am glad I get to call you my baby, forever.

The 4,500+ photos on my phone of your first year remind me daily of how blessed we are to have you as our son, and remind me of the unforgettable adventures we’ve already got to experience with you.

Happy birthday, sweet boy of mine. Here’s to years and years of more adventures, more cake, and more loving you. ❤️

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