34 weeks pregnant; the honest truth

One of my goals for 2018 is to be more real, open and transparent.

I decided, and I have no clue why, to keep track (for one day!) of all the lovely things that go on when you’re 34 weeks pregnant. I’m sure it’d be funnier if I was 38 weeks pregnant and blogging about this–but 34 weeks will suffice.

Remember…this is raw, honest and real. I hope you laugh as much as I do, and cry a lot less.

1. Let’s start out strong. Surfer farts. Yep, they be stronggggg. Phew. Sorry hubby. Yes, THAT came from me. I should wear a shirt that says “my toots clear rooms!”

2. Shirt stains. Every live long day. No matter what I’m eating or drinking…a few minutes later I notice a big stain right on the chest or bump.

3. Heart burn! The only thing that doesn’t cause pain these days is water, and you’d think that would put out the fire, but nope. My doctor keeps asking me how I’m losing weight rather than gaining it, and the answer is this: I cannot eat (without terrible esophageal burning!) Lovely.

4. Toe cramps. Calf cramps. Butt cramps. Sciatica. Back pain. Uterus cramps. Braxton Hicks. Contractions. Bleeding gums. Sleepless nights. They never said it was easy growing a baby, they just said it was worth it.

5. Speaking of Braxton Hicks and contractions… I just have to keep telling myself that in 5 weeks, I will no longer have THAT pain…I’ll just have a nurse pressing on my uterus while I wince in agony and stare at that precious babe. #allaboutperspective

6. “Mama’s turn to go poop!” That phrase isn’t happening as often as it should, which means a lot of extra discomfort. But when the feeling does arise…clear the bathroom because I can’t miss opportunities like that!! 💩

7. Speaking of bathroom usage–yes, I did just urinate 2 minutes ago, you seem surprised that I have to go again?!

8. Tears and hormones. I’ve become extra emotional since becoming a mom, and add in the extra hormones from this pregnancy and I feel as though I cry at everything. (Oh, and we are moving tomorrow…so there have been many many extra tears.)

9. Mom brain. I’m not sure why I bring this up at 34 weeks, when technically it started way back in 2015 with pregnancy number one…but it’s an every day (or moment) occurrence that hasn’t stopped since. If I don’t write it down, I’ve already forgotten.

10. Stretch marks. My tiger stripes. My daily reminders of strength and miracles. (But dear body…I have enough, no more please!)

11. Boob pain. It hurts to hug, it hurts to be bra-less, they just plain hurt! But again…perspective: soon a hungry child will suck them raw and I’ll forget about this silly pain.

12. Face chub. Need I say more?

13. See…I forgot to keep track of number 13 and poof, she gone. Oh, and I like cookies. 😋

These may all seem like negative things, and even though some of them feel negative, they are all constant reminders that in 5 weeks we will be holding our little girl for the first time. Even though this pregnancy is 99% harder and grosser than the last one, I still wouldn’t trade the bodily changes and pain for anything.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity God has given to me, to be a momma, to carry these children, and to love them fiercely. All these things shall pass, but being their mom is forever, and that’s worth everything.

It’s smelly and uncomfortable and awkward and gross sometimes…but in the end, pregnancy and motherhood is beautiful. Embrace it all, mamas, embrace it all.

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