20 Things I never thought I would be saying 5 months ago

our 6 day old making the toot face during his first photo shoot.

Some of these crack me up, some of these I wish I was making up…and all of these bring me back to that moment in time that I never want to forget.

“Fart Proudly” -Benjamin Franklin

  1. “you just drooled in my mouth!”

  2. “well at least the walls are washable.”

  3. “how does something so loud and so stinky come out of something so small?”

  4. “how did this booger get on my boob!?”

  5. “oh man, that sounded like a wet one.”

  6. “it went though 4 layers of clothes!”

  7. “hurry, cover the wiener!!!”

  8. “up the back…it went all the way up the back.”

  9. “thank goodness for prune juice, this smells like blueberry pie!”

  10. “aww puppy give you kisses in your mouth!”

  11. (taking out the diaper trash) “oh man, we need to get scented bags for this!” “these ARE scented bags!”

  12. “ahhh buddy, you just puked in my mouth!

  13. “Lord God, please help Zeke poop.”

  14. “yep, he didn’t poop for 8 days, and then he decided to poop on the beach.” (which took 23 wipes to clean up!)

  15. “Thank you, Lord, for poop, finally!”

  16. “why you pick mommas nose?”

  17. “well, that was a lot of puke.”

  18. “what is that all over the counter? now it’s all over my hand!” “ohhh…zekie drool, of course.”

  19. “you little whoopering machine.”

  20. “I love you more than yesterday. How is that even possible?” (I say this one every day, praising God for this little man and so grateful for His love for me and teaching me how to love my son to the best of my ability.)

“you have sulfur farts just like your momma!”

how he feels about that 😂

I would LOVE to hear some of the surprising things all of you said when you had a baby in the comments below! For some reason…the craziest things usually pertain to poop, pee, puke or farts…things I never thought I would be blogging about. Oh, boys. 💙

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