17 Summers left with you.

Parenting is tough.

The days are long and the naps are short. But there are so many moments in between that are incredible, beautiful and adventurous.

The summers are short, too.

And to put things in perspective, I only have 17 more summers (Lord willing) with my sweet little boy, who in 17 years will graduate high school and move out (more than likely) and build his life.

17 more short summers with him.

So this is what I've learned so far:

1. Let them get dirty, that's what baths are for. 2. Bedtimes can wait. Slap happy tired boys are hilarious! 3. I think it's okay to eat 1/2 a watermelon in one day. 4. Beach trips are the perfect way to spend the day. 5. Water in the city costs a lot, that's why time in the splash pad down the street is priceless. 6. Running around in just a diaper is totally acceptable. (I wish I could do that, too!) 7. Blueberries stain. So do black berries. Oh yeah, and strawberries do, too. SO WHAT. Clothes are just clothes. 8. For goodness sake…just let them eat donuts! 9. Be outside. All day. Every day. 10. Those muddy puddles in the driveway from the rain…let him get muddy! Let him splash and get you muddy, too! 11. Be spontaneous. Go on last minute camping trips and museum adventures and day trips to new cities. 12. Take hundreds of photos, but also remember to be in the moment. Find a balance. 13. Let them be little. Time goes way too fast. 14. HAVE FUN. Give them the time of their lives. Create lasting memories that they'll tell their kids about someday! 15. Oh, and let him have a sip of your chai latte; teach them good fast young! 16. Create fun rituals…Z and I go swinging together every morning before his nap!

We still have another month of summer left, and we are going to soak it all up. We have a camping trip planned, probably some more beach time and pool time and many sticky watermelon faces.

Plus, this is the only summer we will have with just him. Next summer, Z gets to share the summer with his little brother or sister!

Moments are meant to be lived in. Summers are meant to be filled with adventures. And childhood is meant to be cherished.

Make the best of each summer your kids are under your roof. Because I'm sure eventually you'll be wishing they were still there.

Here's to the next 17 summers with you. 💙

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